The Medcom Team
Medcom Team
More than just a billing service...

British Columbia's Largest Service Bureau
Serving Physicians in B.C. since 1987

We would like to express our gratitude to all of our clients for your continued business and referrals. Without you, our success would not be possible. Over the past several years we have seen an increase in staff, a move to a larger office, several upgrades in software, numerous hardware upgrades and new office equipment. These changes have allowed us to serve you better. We look forward to continue providing you with outstanding service in the future.

Why Choose Medcom?

In addition to the daily challenges associated with billing, physicians must concern themselves with the task of maintaining consistency and accuracy during staff training, holidays, maternity leaves, and illness. Claims missed in the billing process and rejected claims that are not followed up, can amount to significant dollars lost.

The cost of Medcom Billing Services will pay for itself!

It only takes a few claims that might otherwise have gone unpaid. We are in the very best position to address all your billing headaches. Because of our billing volume and variety, we have developed a very comfortable working relationship with the good people at MSP and WCB. Our extensive experience in billing and rejections allows us to provide you and your staff with guidance that will be helpful in securing timely MSP and WCB payments. And just think, the expenses of hardware, software, up-dates, repairs, and deadlines will all become Medcom's challenges!

- Personalized Service -

A client services representative will visit your office weekly to address your billing concerns, deliver reports and pick up your billings. We also provide customized reports in Excel format for statistical, tax purposes, contract negotiation, and all your business accounting needs.

Since we work with most software vendors we are also able to provide Account Management services to our EMR clients!

With over 30 years experience and having been involved developing several medical/ billing software packages, we are not limited to using one single software vendor. We can assist you with all your billing needs on most software available on the market. Personal live support, from a courteous friendly team who will look after all your billing needs, from Data Entry to EMR account management.

- How We Do Your Work -

Your billings are picked up on a weekly basis or if preferred you may fax or mail your billings to our office. These billings can be submitted to us on our own Medcom 2-part carbonless billing forms or in any format that is convenient for you. You may fax or email to our secure site and submit to us in a format that that is convenient to you.
Claims are electronically transmitted to MSP daily and refusals are retrieved. Rejected claims are then investigated and re-billed immediately. Your semi-monthly detail report from MSP is retrieved, reconciled, screened and then presented to you. Any adjusted or rejected claims in question will be flagged for your attention and will include notes with recommendations for possible alternative billing methods.

- Rejections -

Unique within the medical billing industry, we handle all refused claims, tracking and re-billing. There are no additional reconciling or reprocessing charges. These include rejected WCB claims (form fees), ICBC and claims requiring Code "A" approval from MSP or other applications under the Critical Care Program.

- Uninsured Claims -

Patients without valid provincial medical coverage, RCMP members, Military personnel, individuals with coverage under the Interim Federal Health Program, residents of Quebec and non-residents of Canada will be issued an invoice. We enjoy a very high rate of return on these accounts.

- Fees -

Our fixed monthly fees are based on your practical volume. Please contact us for a quote today!

- References -

Available upon request.